Preparation Time: 2mins 
Servings: 6 

3 c. Water 
¼ tsp. Salt 
¾ c. Brown rice
¾ c. Bulgur 
1 diced Green apple 
1 diced Red apple 
1 Orange 
1 c. Raisins 
8 oz. Vanilla yogurt 

1- Over high flame, boil water in a large pot. 
2- Add the bulgur and the rice, lower flame. Close lid and allow cooking time of 10 mins.
3- After cooking, remove from heat, cover for 2 mins; set aside. 
4- On a baking sheet, lay hot grains to cool (will give you a fluffier look). Can be prepared overnight and refrigerate. 
5- Prepare fruit; core and dice your apples, just before serving. Peel and section your orange. 
6- Remove chilled grains from refrigerator; transfer to a medium size mixing bowl, add cut fruit. 
7- Mix in yogurt into grains until well coated. 

Nutrition Value: 
Calories: 116 
Protein 3g, 
Carbs 24.5g, 

Fat 1g.